Mohinder S Badyal MD

Dr. Badyal graduated from University of Minnesota with a Master of Engineering in 1972. After a very successful 10-year career in Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Badyal entered medical school to fulfill his life long dream of becoming a Physician. He received his medical degree from Spartan Health Sciences University ST. LUCIA, West Indies in 1986 and completed his Residency in Pediatrics from Cooper University Hospital @ UMDNJ in Camden, New Jersey.

Dr. Badyal has been a Pediatrician for the last 24 Years. He believes in providing his patients complete care which involves preventative treatment as well as managing the physical health and emotional well-being of the child. Dr. Badyal has a special interest in treating Asthma, Eczema, ADHD and common infections in children. Dr Badyal believes strongly in the use of proper vaccinations to prevent serious infections.

Dr Badyal lives with his wife Balwinder. They have two adult professional sons and two beautiful granddaughters.

Dr. Badyal enjoys traveling, golf and socializing with family and friends.