Abdominal Pain In Children


Abdominal pain is incredibly common in children, but it is difficult to make a timely diagnosis so the treatment can be initiated. There are various potential causes of abdominal pain in children, affecting multiple organ systems. Each Organ system requires a unique set of diagnostic tests. The pediatrician thus obtains a thorough history and examines the child, which likely will include a rectal exam to assess the presence of blood. This information allows the doctor to order additional tests, for a complete diagnosis.

What causes Abdominal Pain in Children?

Following are the causes of abdominal pain in children. This information can go a long way toward helping a pediatrician understand what is going on, and how to help.


Constipation is often held responsible for abdominal pain. When your child’s diet lacks enough fluids or fiber-rich in whole grains, bowel problems are more likely to occur.

Urinary tract infections (UTI):

These infections (UTI) are quite common up to 5 years old children. These infections (UTIs) produce uneasiness in the abdomen and the bladder area. A child may also experience pain and burning when urinating. Though, the UTIs generally do not produce a fever. When your child complains of these symptoms, take him to the pediatrician’s office, where he will then examine your child. In case an infection is present, he will prescribe an antibiotic, which will help to alleviate the abdominal pain.

Strep throat:

It is a throat infection that is caused by bacteria named streptococci. The symptoms include a sore throat, fever, and abdominal pain. Your child may also suffer from some nausea and headache as well.


When appendicitis occurs, the first sign is often a constant stomach ache in the center of the abdomen, and later the child feels the lower abdominal pain over to the right side.

Lead poisoning:

Most often it occurs in toddlers where they may eat small chips of paint off the walls. The stored lead in a child’s body can create various severe health problems. Parents also should be aware of toys or other products with unacceptable lead content. Sometimes, bloating and gas causes the left abdominal pain in children.

Milk allergy:

Milk allergy can produce cramping abdominal pain, because of the reaction to the protein which is present in milk.

Emotional stress in school-age:

Abdominal pain is also caused by the emotional stress your child has to suffer from. The first clue to that emotional stress is a pain for over a period of more than a week. It is often associated with an activity that is stressful or unpleasant. Try to find out if there’s something that is upsetting your child.

How Is Abdominal Pain in Children Treated?

Home care treatments are effective in relieving abdominal pain in children.

  • Assure the child is getting enough rest
  • Give fluids to avoid dehydration
  • Avoid solid food
  • Aspirin or antibiotics can be given if your child has a mild fever
  • A pediatrician should be visited if the child has a high fever
  • If your child has had diarrhea or has been vomiting for the past 24 hours, call the doctor.


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