Cough And Wheezing In Children


Coughing and wheezing in children is common. They may be terrible and distressing for you and your child; however, it doesn’t mean that your child has a serious condition. Cough in children is normal and healthy. It is an important reflex that helps in clearing the airways in the throat and chest.

It is usually easy to relieve the symptoms of cough and wheezing in children at home. Yet, urgent medical attention is needed in case the symptoms become more serious. It can develop a breathing problem during a severe dry cough in children. If the symptoms don’t settle, take your child to the pediatrician without any delay. Smoking is also a significant risk factor for respiratory problems in children.


Coughing is a typical symptom of asthma. If your child is 5-years-old or less, it is hard to tell if he/she has asthma or it is just a cough that is quite common in kids. Try considering how often your baby wheezes. However, one time wheezing does not pose any threat that you diagnose it as asthma. Though, it is advisable to keep your child well, until they are old enough to have the diagnosis confirmed.

Signs that your child has Asthma

Here are some signs to look out for that may make asthma more likely.

  • Notice whether they cough at night or early in the morning
  • Coughing doesn’t go completely or attacks any time
  • They are getting cough attacks during a sport or after exercise
  • If they experience wheezing, breathlessness, or a tight chest/tummy ache
  • If they’re coughing that is triggered by crying, pollen, mold, dust mites, or being around pets.

You can talk to one of our qualified Pediatricians at Federal Way Pediatric Associates about your child’s symptoms and get all the information about cough and wheezing in children.


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